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A world-class residential treatment facility specializes in every kind of substance addiction known to man. Along with specializing in drug and alcohol addiction, their highly trained addiction counselors treat psychological disorders that have acted as the primary catalyst for the initial birthplace of the addiction. With the help of Lubbock Alcohol and Drug Rehab, you can find yourself at a treatment facility like this. We offer assistance in matching you with the treatment center that is best suited to your needs.

We believe that any addict can successfully recover from their addiction with the right treatment plan in place. Despite the severity of their addiction, experienced addiction counselors will do everything in their power to treat the addiction through various programs for drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Lubbock.

They create treatment plans that are just as unique as their patients, in which they are custom-tailored to best suit the unique needs of the patient. Through the combination of holistic therapies and traditional modes of treatment implemented within their treatment plans, patients receive addiction treatment of the highest standard.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Lubbock

Lubbock Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers and the Drug Epidemic in Texas

Cocaine addiction in Lubbock, Texas is on the rise, as the highly addictive drug has hit the streets of Texas with a vengeance within the last 2 years. According to a recent press release made by "Everything Lubbock News Web," Lubbock defendants pled guilty to a major cocaine bust. These particular defendants, of the well-known Crips Gang, were a part of a major cocaine conspiracy in Lubbock and are currently serving long-term prison sentences for their crimes.

Between the four defendants, over 1,100 grams of cocaine and over $32,700 in cash was recovered in their residents. Each defendant faces prison sentences of 40 years with a $4 million fine. This major drug conspiracy only took place in Lubbock, Texas, which means that the entire state is in serious trouble.

Whether you're addicted to cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, or any other addictive substance for that matter, the fate of these four men can easily be your fate as well. Don't become another prison inmate or a tragic overdose-related death statistic. If you're struggling with addiction and need help, call Lubbock Alcohol and Drug Rehab at (806) 318-4276.

Why Choose Lubbock Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers to Seek Help?

The treatment centers that we work with provides a comprehensive continuum of support and compassionate care to their patients. We've helped thousands of patients achieve life-long sobriety and regain control of their lives by placing them at the right treatment facility We aim to show these individuals that there is a life beyond addiction. There is a bright light at the end of this very dark tunnel. There is nothing that can't be achieved for an addict who is serious about their recovery.

Because alcohol is such an easily accessible addictive substance, treatment for alcohol addiction is a common specialty amongst medically-assisted detox centers. Medical personnel performs medically-assisted detox through the highly dangerous stage of alcohol withdrawal at a center for alcohol and drug detox in Lubbock to ensure the safety and comfort of their patients.

The treatment facilities that we work with can help you to heal from your addiction, as recovery is essentially all about healing. Take the first step in turning your life around. You've got everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose. Call Lubbock Alcohol and Drug Rehab today at (806) 318-4276 to get the treatment that you deserve.

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